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Building Better Retirements through Total Retirement Management

Benefit Strategies believes that attaining financial independence in retirement is the greatest financial challenge of our generation. The obstacles confronting today’s retirees stem from unprecedented complexities in our economic and tax structure, in our global markets and range of investment products, in our cultural drive to consume rather than save, and in our technological advances. Workers as well as retirees desire comfort that their actions will maximize their chances of meeting their retirement objectives in a consistent manner.

We work with Plan sponsors, participants and retirees to help them achieve their goals by:

Keeping it personal

Despite the glitz and glamour of today’s technology and access to unlimited information, people yearn to deal directly with people whom they trust to guide them through their unique set of challenges.

Keeping it understandable

The world of retirement plans is vast and complex. One of our primary tasks is to digest this complexity, simplify it and present it in an understandable format so that plan sponsors, fiduciaries, participants and retirees can make informed decisions.

Keeping it timely and accurate

Trust is predicated on delivering timely and accurate services. We pride ourselves on the experience and expertise of our staff, as well as our technological capability to process and analyze vast amounts of information quickly.

Keeping it affordable

We strive to keep the costs of our highly sophisticated and customized solutions affordable, by investing in the best technologies and seeking out the most efficient processes that will enable us to maintain our high service standards.